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A Collage of Skullz

The Skullz are a collection of 3,333 unique pixel art NFTs. These undead characters aren't ready to pass on to the afterlilfe, so they're hanging out on the Solana Blockchain instead. 10% mint proceeds to Bone Cancer Research. Regular events & prizes for holders. Earn $SKUL to bid on new traits for your skeletons! The Skeletons will be released in increments. Holders from earlier drops will earn $SKUL at a more frequent rate.



Q. "When mint?"

"Mint is Live!" .A

Q. "Cost and supply?"

"Initial supply of 353 skeletons, 0.1 sol each" .A

Q. "Incentives for holders?"

"Free prize draws, earn $SKUL token" .A

Q. "What is the $SKUL token?"

"Used to purchase exclusive traits" .A

More detailed F.A.Q available in our Discord


Tal (Art/Dev)


Liv (Art)


Our backgrounds are a mixture of creative and analytical, between music, finance and technology. We are passionate about building something sustainable and meaningful out of our interests, then sharing that platform with those who are like-minded.

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